Intelliquip, Inc. Privacy and Cookie Policy

This software application is provided under license from Intelliquip, Inc. (LICENSOR) to the LICENSEE, who in turn provides access to you, the user (USER). We have a deep respect for your privacy. As such, we are committed to the security of the information you give us and have made steps to protect your data. The LICENSOR is an entity with clients and end users in the European Union. LICENSOR receives and processes a variety of data on behalf of LICENSEE, and adheres to the EU's General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”). LICENSOR’S processing and storage of Personal Data is for the limited purpose of providing LICENSEE, and its authorized USERS, with the ability to use these software applications.

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What is Personal Data? Back to top

For the purpose of this policy, personal data means any information relating to an identifiable natural person. That is, one who can be identified by reference to an identifier such as a name, an email, an identification number, location data; or to one or more bio-identifiable factors specific to the identity of that natural person (the “Personal Data”) – directly or indirectly.

Personal data will be collected and used in the following ways:

The Information We Collect Back to top

We collect the following types of data about you when you:

Information You Give Us

Registered Account

Information you give us when you register as a USER of this software via forms on our website comprises the minimum of a username but most of our LICENSEE’s also ask for:

To successfully use our software, we need a minimum of an email address to provide you a unique experience, to help recover your password, and association to “your” data.

Optional Data

Our LICENSEEs can tailor the software application to meet their specific needs. This can include, but is not limited to, asking their users to provide additional information that assists in providing a better user experience as it pertains to the LICENSEE. For example, we may ask for a postal code and possibly even “Market Segment” to provide local services.

You can opt out of providing some data that is optional, and merely forego the functionality that such information permits, but continue to use the remainder of the site functionality.

Contact us via Email

We also get information from you when you make a request or report a problem (by phone, email, or otherwise) or make a user support request.

Information We Collect About You

We use third-party service providers for certain technical analysis and services that meet high standards of data protection and security.

We collect small data files typically involving technical information, called cookies, during your visits to our site. This information is collected so we can give you the best experience on our site and help us improve our site. Our Cookie Policy described below contains the details. We also collect your IP address and do geocoding to help determine certain locale-based functionality.

How we use the Information we collect Back to top

The information we collect from you or about you—whether personal or technical—may be used in the following ways:

Where we store your information Back to top

All data is stored on secure servers (e.g., Amazon Web Services servers). We take reasonable steps to protect your information, including (without being limited to):

Where you have a password that enables you to access certain parts of the Site, you are responsible for keeping this password confidential. We ask you not to share a password with anyone.

How long do we store your information? Back to top

LICENSOR stores Personal Data for no longer than necessary under the scope of its license with LICENSEE.  The data needs to be stored as long as you are a registered user.  As discussed below, you have the “Right to be Forgotten,” which means that if certain grounds apply, You have the right to have your Personal Data erased from our storage without undue delay.  See below for how LICENSOR can be contacted should you desire to exercise Your Right to be Forgotten.

You have rights Back to top

If you wish to exercise your “Right to be Forgotten”

Please contact us at

Privacy Policy changes

We will post any changes to our privacy policy right here, on this page. Check back and you'll see updates and changes as they become relevant.

Who to contact

You can contact us at with questions about our privacy policy and cookie policy.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small data files that websites place on your computer or mobile device. Cookies are used by virtually all online website service providers, as they help to facilitate a smooth interaction between the user and the website. Cookies often include an anonymous unique identifier.

The cookies that Intelliquip sets are known as “first party cookies.” Cookies set by affiliated services (such as Google Analytics) are known as “third party cookies.”

Why does Intelliquip use cookies?

Some of our cookies are required (“strictly necessary”) for technical reasons so that we can provide the as-designed functionality to you via our web applications. Other third party cookies help us improve our web app performance and better understand usage via analytics.

Strictly Necessary

These are cookies that are required for the operation of the website. You cannot refuse to use these cookies; otherwise the site will not function. The cookies are described as follows:





When browser closes

Enables you to log into the website to gain access to your and your organization's data.


When browser closes

Improves functionality


When browser closes

Allows the various apps (to communicate critical info to deliver a seamless user experience. It also keeps the user from having to login when moving across each application boundary.







When browser closes

Allows redoing of changes in reports

Allows undoing of changes in reports

Remembers whether panel expanded or not

Remembers whether menu expanded or not


These cookies are used to help recognize a user when they return to the website.

These are non-essential to the core functionality behind our web applications and can be refused (see below). You will lose peripheral functionality such as “Help” and “Chat.”








24 Hours

20 years

1 week

24 hours

Intercom is a popular provider of Customer Support, Chat, Messaging, and articles knowledge base.

See below to opt-out by setting your browser up to refuse these cookies.





24 Hours

User Echo is a customer support & help knowledge base.

UserEcho uses cookies to record current session information, but does not use permanent cookies.

You can refuse these cookies via your browser.





When browser closes





When browser closes

Amazon CloudFront is a global content delivery network (CDN). CloudFront is integrated with the Amazon Web Server (AWS).



100 years

20 years


Analytical / Performance







2 Years

24 hours

When browser closes

Google analytics is a very common tool used to track website traffic, anonymously collecting user behavior and website page speeds, etc. We use it to help improve the user experience and better understand how our users use our web apps.

  • gid distinguishes users
  • gat throttles request rate

Opt-out Instructions.


When browser closes

HotJar is similar to Google Analytics in that we use it to help improve the user experience and better understand how our users use our web apps. Hotjar also offers the ability to anonymously poll users.

Opt-out instructions.


When browser closes

Optimizes web navigation via turbolinks

Can I control my cookies?

You can decide whether to accept or reject cookies by clicking on the appropriate opt-out links provided in the cookie table above.

You can set or amend your web browser controls to accept or refuse some or all cookies. If you choose to reject non-essential cookies, you may still use our Websites and/or Web App – though access to some functionality and areas may be degraded or eliminated. You cannot reject necessary cookies and continue to use our Website.  Check your browser's help menu for more information or search online for helpful tips.

This Policy is not Legal Advice

This policy is being provided to you as part of LICENSOR’S effort to ensure that You understand the scope and impact of the processing of Your Personal Data that takes place in conjunction with the utilization of LICENSOR’S services as well as Your rights associated with the use and storage of Your Personal Data.  However, the information provided herein is not for the purpose of providing You legal advice.  Should you need legal advice regarding Your Personal Data, you should seek counsel from an attorney.